How to Survive a Long Flight?

If you have to take a long flight, you acknowledge it’s not the most pleasant thing to do. You will have to spend several hours in the cramped aircraft cabin, where you may be nearly motionless and surrounded by strangers. But this does not mean that a long flight necessarily spoils your travel experience. Follow our tips, and you’ll get off the plane being fresh, rested, and ready for new adventures!

Select a good airline

If you want to fly with ease and great comfort, choose an airline that provides the best service on long-haul flights. Check airline ratings and read passenger reviews before you travel. Pay attention to what aircraft a certain airline uses for long-haul flights. It is preferable to fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Airbus A380, or Airbus A350 – the fuselage of these planes is made of composite materials, which allows for a higher level of humidity in the cabin, and these aircraft also have quieter engines.

Choose a good seat

Choosing your cabin seat is one of the most important things to consider before a long flight. Find out in advance which aircraft your flight is going to be on.

In general, the recommendations are as follows:

– If you want more legroom, choose a seat in the rows closer to the exit.

– If you want to enjoy peace and quiet without hearing babies crying, choose a seat away from the front of the plane.

– If you don’t want to have problems getting around the cabin or if you want to have easy access to the restroom, choose an aisle seat.

Take comfortable clothes and shoes

Since you will need to spend several hours on the flight, make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. It is best to have several pieces of clothing, preferably loose-fitting and made of natural materials. The cabin can be cool as a powerful air conditioning system will work. In addition, you will not move much. If you get hot, you can always take off your sweatshirt or sweater.

As for shoes, choose something light and comfortable. Avoid dress shoes and high-heeled shoes. Take a pair of warm socks with you – if your feet get cold, the flight is unlikely to be pleasant.

Take some food

On long-haul flights, a full meal is provided. However, the journey is long. You will move from one time zone to another, and it is quite possible that you will get hungry at some point. It is better to have a nutritious snack on hand. Cereal bars, nuts, or dried fruit are fine.

Avoid dehydration

Cabin air can become dry in flight, which is bad for your skin and leads to dehydration. Drink plenty of fluids, like water and fruit juices. Try to consume less coffee, tea, and alcohol, as they dehydrate the body.

Bring a moisturizer for hands, face, and lips, as well as moisturizing eye drops when you travel. Please note that liquids may be taken on board in containers no larger than 100ml. If you wear contact lenses, it is better to remove them before the flight and use glasses on the trip.

Prepare for sleep

travel, comfort and people concept – man sleeping in plane with inflatable cervical neck pillow over porthole background

The airline will provide you with a light blanket and pillow, but you will sleep much more comfortably if you take an extra travel pillow for your neck. It is also advisable to take clothes that are comfortable to sleep in. It does not have to be your favorite pajamas at home, just a spacious T-shirt and light pants will be an excellent choice. Do not forget a sleep mask and special headphones that absorb the sound. If you do not have headphones, earplugs will do.

Above all, forget all your worries and concerns. Think of these few hours on the plane as the time for yourself.

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