Airport Parking: What Is an Economy Lot and How to Find it?

Parking at the airport is a convenient service for those who get there in their own car and need to leave it somewhere. Usually, the parking area is quite large and is divided into several zones depending on the rental time: a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days. Each of them can accommodate about two or three hundred cars if there are many people arriving at the airport every day. However, with the ease of this service, parking a car at the airport can cost a fortune. Though you can find a cheap lot and save money on it by cutting the cost in half. And here are some helpful tips on how to do it.

Parking often costs more than the subway, cab, or bus

Even having parked according to all the rules, you can pay an unexpectedly extensive sum. The longer your car is parked, the more you will have to pay for a parking space. So we advise you to consider alternatives. For example, you can ask a relative to drive you to the airport. In addition, there are other options:

– use non-specialized train lines. Specialized trains will cost more. That said, regular train services often use the same lines. This means you can travel the same route much cheaper (there will probably be extra stops);

– book a cab in advance. If you plan to carry large luggage, a local cab will cost less. But don’t expect to find an inexpensive cab on the way back. The airport may be monopolized by one carrier, which artificially inflates the prices of services, taking advantage of the lack of competition. Take precautions and order a cab from a local company in advance, giving your flight number so that you can be picked up on time;

– take the bus. This way is the cheapest, but the trip will take longer.

Book a parking space to save money

Some people think that parking at the airport does not cost much and is not a problem at all. But in fact, if you don’t take care of a spot in advance, you can pay a lot more. The golden rule is the earlier you book a parking space, the more money you save. By reserving a space in advance, you reduce the cost thrice! But even if you forget to do so, book a parking space even on the day of your flight – it will help save money. The people who pay the most are those who just show up, park a car, and pay for parking.

Not all parking lots are the same

There are many kinds of parking lots. And a cheap price does not mean that the services provided will meet your needs. So here is a quick guide:

On-site parking. Airport-owned parking. These parking lots use marketing techniques to allure drivers because off-site parking can be closer to the terminal building;

Off-site parking. Any parking lot that does not belong to the airport. In other words, it’s the name given to cheap parking lots which are close to the service terminal and belong to third-party companies;

Meet and greet parking. You drive up to the terminal where a driver is waiting for you. You give him your car keys and he parks your car. When you arrive back, your car is waiting for you at the gate. This is a great service, but it usually costs a lot;

Local car parks. Small private parking lots. Local businesses near the airport may offer parking services and make money from it. However, they can’t guarantee security, and there are usually few spaces available.

Check the parking company and know your rights in case something goes wrong

Look for a company with good value for money. And if the price difference between several bidders is small, it is better to choose a company with a good reputation.

Saving on your airport parking is a challenging task. Though it’s possible to find the best parking solution by taking our tips into account. Enjoy your trip!


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